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Meet the Staff: Nana Oppong

What is your role at the Nonprofit Roundtable?
I am the Director of Development - responsible for foundation and corporate relations. I also manage our Development Directors Tables for Ten. And I have been fortunate to plan some of the fancy gatherings we’ve put together - Eduardo Romero and Chuck Bean’s farewell parties and our 10th Anniversary Celebration.nana

Why are you interested in nonprofits?
I interned with the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore during my junior year in college. It was there that I learned about “doing good” as a career choice. Before then, I was surely on my way to law school.

What is a typical day at the NPRT office like?
Ah! Is there ever a typical day??
I spend my time between the Roundtable and Nonprofit Montgomery offices. In Montgomery County, Hope, Barbara and Sharon are always bringing in treats so its usually a full day of working and munching. In DC, I’m usually trekking between my desk and Audrey’s office. Gotta keep fit somehow.

What was your first job?
Customer Service department at Nordstrom. Loved it so much, I invested every paycheck in the Women’s Shoes department :).

What’s your fondest memory about one of our member organizations?
I have a love love relationship with Miriam’s Kitchen. Not only because I believe in the work they do but because the staff truly define the word selfless - I’ve learned so much by serving on Committees with fearless leader Scott Schenkelberg, Catherine Crum lights up a room, Jennifer Roccanti and Sara Gibson have been my support system (every development staff needs one!). Ashley, Jennifer, Sue, Martha, Ray - awesome.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Cookies and cream.

If you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
As all my colleagues know, there’s no better word than Princess to describe me.

Mac or PC?


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