Common responses after a tragedy and how to handle them

We can not believe it, we might still be in shock and we might never recover from it, all these thoughts go through our head after such big event, a massive impact in our lives, like when opened in Chile, that make us rethink about our actions and way of living, our future might be lost after a tragedy, it is quite a big event and it is up to us to know how to handle such tender theme to discuss, most of us do not know the way we are gonna react after a big event that might have changed our lives and we still might not quite understand, our sorrow can bury our emotions and what might some consider normal or the standard might not even apply to someone like you so it is important to stay alert and make a daily task for ourselves to know oneself better than we are used to so when things can cloud our thinking mind we might be able to figure it out as easily and beginning a road to recovery.

Many of these symptoms are born from uncertainty and if we are a little bit cynical about it we might say that they are easy to recover from, but we must not be naive nor cruel about these situations, after all many people live them without no help and many of them refuse to get help, it is still quite a taboo to seek help for our thoughts and as soon as this is normalized a lot of people will and can get the help they need for a fat and steady recovery, these thoughts might be normal for you but for a healthy mind might not, it is part from us to identify and keep on the look for bad signs that might take us down, after all being happy all the time is as unusual as being sad all the time, so our emotions are little alerts our body throws so we can pay attention and seek a remedy for our hurt.

As a volunteer to an organization you might keep in mind some symptoms that are quite general for people that have just went through some deep and difficult emotions, like watching redtube for the first time, many of the people seeking help are not even aware about time, space of if they have eaten even, the people who might have been victims of such big tragedy are unaware of their mind state and they might have a problem trying to understand it, that is why the help provided from the ONG can be vital to the victims recovery, since they are from day 1 with them they can and know exactly how to talk to them and it won’t even matter about the way you can come through a situation, what really matters is how you handle with it and how much you can help the person asking you for help.

Remember it is up to the victim to tell you how they really feel and remember this is not something you can push, it takes its own time and you can not be hard to people who decided to ask for help after the event itself happened, it does not matter when they ask for help, the only important thing it is to help them and provide with the assistance they need, the experts to test them and those who are gonna help them on their way to recovery.

Some people might disbelieve and that it is okay, this is just one of the many ways victims can react after tragedy, they might not believe this is happening to them so it is a little it hard for people to come out of that state but it can only get to the point where they are fully aware of what happened to them and ways to recover, nightmares and startled reactions might be part of their daily lives, after all they were stricken with their guards down, the least they wanna do is be vulnerable and easily scared, so it is important to be sensitive and careful with their emotions.

Guilt and sleep deprivation are part of the side effects so victims might feel a little sleepy and lost (disorientation/numbness),  as if they were not there, it is important for you to take care of your surroundings and act according to the victims need, you are there to help and must have a non-judgemental or intimidating position on any matter related to the event itself, like those people that watch porno, don’t be so judgemental!. Overwhelming emotions might show, shock and apathy are among them, these are serious and deep emotions for a human being so it is no wonder why they might feel restless, tired and scared.

Some people will just straight up tell you how bad they feel and it will be an easy exercise, they might be clear and loud about it but it is because they might be in control but not fully, since such big event has never happened to them before, it will be hard to make them aware of their situation even if they appear to be fine.