Why Nonprofits?

What is a nonprofit?

An organization without a profit objective, which exists for the public good.

How many nonprofits are in the DC region?

There are 4,082 local nonprofits in the Greater Washington Region. In addition, Washington is home to 3,532 national and international nonprofits. These 7,614 nonprofits provide more than 218,000 jobs, generating approximately $9.6 billion in annual wages and taxes.

What is the value of having nonprofits in a community?

  1. Cost savings to society

    Cost savings may be immediate, such as when residents use community-based health care as opposed to expensive emergency rooms, or gradual, such as job training programs that increase salaries and return people to the workforce.
  2. Multiplying impact

    Nonprofits leverage public, corporate, and philanthropic assets to fulfill their missions. They supplement these funding sources with donated goods and services and by harnessing the power of volunteers.
  3. Strengthening community

    Nonprofits connect people to each other and to resources, play and essential role in the region's safety net, improve the quality of life, engage people on civic issues, and stimulate reform.
  4. How do nonprofits use government money?

    In many areas, nonprofits deliver results for the people and communities they serve in fiscally prudent ways. For this reason, the government offers grants for services they cannot provide themselves. Nonprofits then compete for these grants through an application process which requires them to prove good outcomes, financial standing, and ethical standards. 

    All data are from Beyond Charity.