Beyond Charity: nonprofit business in montgomery county, maryland

BEYOND CHARITY: nonprofit business in montgomery county, maryland

A new report from Nonprofit Montgomery – the first to examine the economic impact of nonprofits in the Greater Washington area – finds that nonprofits generate billions of dollars for the local economy while serving as an engine of employment for more than 40,000 workers in Montgomery County. The report brings together current data on the county’s nonprofit sector, national research, and numerous examples of how nonprofits across the county generate economic impact.

“Although leaders in government and business may intuitively understand the value of the nonprofit community, this new report compellingly quantifies the return on investment that nonprofit businesses provide,” said Chuck Bean, executive director of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. “This cutting-edge examination of the business of doing good in Montgomery County is the new model. Now it's time to do this analysis in every jurisdiction in our region.”

The report, released to a standing-room-only gathering of County leaders in Silver Spring that included County Executive Ike Leggett, looks at nonprofits from several economic vantage points, starting with the fact that nonprofit businesses, like their for-profit counterparts, are employers and purchasers of goods and services.

See our Moving Montgomery Forward report on the demographic trends as well as the workforce trends of the county. 

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