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A Washington Informer article featured Maria Gomez, President and CEO of Mary's Center. President Obama presented her with a medal and recognized her work which provides health care services to the nation's capital.

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A Washington Informer article featured Maria Gomez, President and CEO of Mary's Center. President Obama presented her with a medal and recognized her work which provides health care services to the nation's capital.

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A Washington Informer article featured Maria Gomez, President and CEO of Mary's Center. President Obama presented her with a medal and recognized her work which provides health care services to the nation's capital.

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BEYOND CHARITY: nonprofit business in montgomery county, md

A new report from Nonprofit Montgomery – the first to examine the economic impact of nonprofits in the Greater Washington area – finds that nonprofits generate billions of dollars for the local economy while serving as an engine of employment for more than 40,000 workers in Montgomery County.  The report brings together current data on the county’s nonprofit sector, national research, and numerous examples of how nonprofits across the county generate economic impact.

“Although leaders in government and business may intuitively understand the value of the nonprofit community, this new report compellingly quantifies the return on investment that nonprofit businesses provide,” said Chuck Bean, executive director of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. “This cutting-edge examination of the business of doing good in Montgomery County is the new model. Now it's time to do this analysis in every jurisdiction in our region.”

The report released to a standing-room-only gathering of County leaders in Silver Spring that included County Executive Ike Leggett , looks at nonprofits from several economic vantage points, starting with the fact that nonprofit businesses, like their for-profit counterparts, are employers and purchasers of goods and services.

Click here to download the report, and watch the video below


Press Coverage

"Can nonprofit organizations boost a regional economy?" by The Washington Post

"Montgomery County celebrates strong nonprofit sector" by The Washington Business Journal

"MoCo Leaders To Celebrate Strong Sector" by

Nonprofit Facts

Nonprofits by the Numbers by Maryland Nonprofits

Published annually by Maryland Nonprofits, this report provides a statewide analysis and a county-by-county breakdown of nonprofit statistics. Maryland Nonprofits.

"The Nonprofit Sector in Brief: Public Charities, Giving and Volunteering, 2012" by the Urban Institute

This report summarizes and expands on The Nonprofit Almanac 2012, prepared by the National Center for Charitable Statistics and published by the Urban Institute Press. Both publications highlight the growth in the number and finances of 501(c)(3) public charities, as well as key findings on private charitable contributions and volunteering. It presents trends from 2000 to 2010 but special attention is paid to 2008 through 2010 to see the impact the recession had on the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofits and Jobs

Holding the Fort: Nonprofit Employment during a Decade of Turmoil by the Center for Civil Society Studies, Johns Hopkins University

This report presents previously unavailable data on year-to-year changes in em- ployment in private, nonprofit establishments in the United States from January 2000 through June 2010, with a special focus on how nonprofit employment fared during the 2007-2009 recession.

Civic Health and Unemployment II: The Case Builds by the National Council on Citizenship

This 2012 Issue Brief explores the relationship between civic engagement and economic resilience. It finds that the density and type of nonprofit organizations in a community, as well as its social cohesion (the level at which citizens trust, talk to and help neighbors and socialize with family and friends), are important predictors of that community’s ability to withstand unemployment in a recession.


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Meet the Staff: Amy Fishman Kurz

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This is the first installment of a new segment here on our blog called "Meet the Staff." We'll be posting interviews once a week so you'll get to know what our rockstar staff spends their day doing and maybe a few other not-so-useful facts...

What is your role at the Nonprofit Roundtable?amy-and-john
I am the Director of Programs and Operations. I am  the lead staff person for the Frank Karel Fellowship in Public Interest Communications and The Future Executive Directors Fellowship Program.  I am also the co-chair of the Capital Area Foreclosure Network and the Director of Nonprofit NoVA. I work with Audrey Alvarado, our Interim President, on public policy issues affecting our region.

How would you describe the culture of NPRT?
Our culture is fast-paced and nimble.  There is never a dull moment whether you are in our DC office or our second home in Montgomery County at the Nonprofit Village. We are the voice of nonprofits in the region and aim to respond to our members needs, current trends and pressing issues as quickly as possible.  We're a very collaborative team that works together to solve problems and engage in policy. We aim to have influence over decisions that affect our members and our community, as we work together toward a more just and caring community in Greater Washington.

Why are you interested in nonprofits?
When I was a freshman in college, I had the transformative experience of donating my bone marrow to a stranger (click here for a video & here for more info).  After that, I realized that I wanted to wake up everyday feeling like I was having a real impact on other peoples lives and my community.

If you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

What was your first job?
I worked at a local produce market where everyone did everything from cleaning the bathrooms, unloading trucks, stocking produce, growing herbs, and weeding through rotten sweet potatoes. Needless to say, this turned me into a pretty picky produce person.  But if you ever want tips on how to pick the best melon or how to store cilantro, let me know!

What’s your fondest memory of one of our member organizations?
When I was an  Undergraduate student at GW I interned at A Wider Circle - at the time was run mostly by volunteers, out of Executive Director Mark Bergel’s living room. I used mapquest (yes, mapquest!) to plan the weekend truck pick-up routes and handled the scheduling of appointments for clients.  It has been wonderful to see A Wider Circle grow and grow, becoming one of our core members of the Nonprofit Roundtable & Nonprofit Montgomery.

And some funny questions for good measure...

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Graeter’s Mocha Chip (shout out to my hometown of Cincinnati, OH)

If you were an animal, what would it be?
Not sure if this answers the question, but I would love to trade places with my dog Yogi for a day. It would be a great way to catch up on sleep!

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Top 5 Moments of Good Luck, Chuck

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Last night we hosted, "Good Luck, Chuck!" a sendoff party for our fearless leader. There are too many nice things we can say about Chuck (as the event proved). So, I decided to provide the highlights from the event. These are the things the audience loved (most likely because they were so embarrassing for Chuck).

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Healthcare Initiative Foundation

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The Healthcare Initiative Foundation supports organizations that offer solutions to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare for residents of Montgomery County, Maryland.

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Charities Law Project Newsletter

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This newsletter provides information on charities regulation and oversight. Subscribe here.

Also, visit the Charities Law Project website for more resources and information.

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Webinar Resources: Sequestration

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On November 19th, we hosted a webinar- Sequestration: Contingency Planning for Nonprofits. We invited Rick Cohen, writer for Nonprofit Quarterly, Lisa A Montgomery, a journalist for the Washington Post, and Don Blanchon, Executive Director of Whitman-Walker Health to speak on Sequestration and its effects on our nonprofit sector. Watch the webinar here and find resources from our speakers below.

lori-montgomeryLori Montgomery Resources

Running in the Red Series

On edge of brutal ‘fiscal cliff,’ some see an opportunity to end debt paralysis

Obama says no ‘red lines’ on top tax rate, signaling some flexibility in debt talks

Senate works on financial cliff options

rick-cohenRick Cohen Resources

A Time to Govern: Nonprofits Must Help Washington Face Real Problems

Will Nonprofits Take a Stand in Sequestration Debate?

Why Nonprofits Must Care about Budget Sequestration

House Budget Defends Pentagon at Expense of Social Programs

Why We (and Everyone Else) Overstated Possible Pentagon Cuts

The Nonprofit Sector's Policy Challenges in the Year Ahead

A Nonprofit's Guide to Sequestration

Obama and the Press Conference on the Cliff

Top 10 Defence Budgets of 2011 [IMAGE]


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