The relevance of non-profit organizations

We may never be truly alert when it comes about natural disasters, their very own nature realies on fast climate changes that add on its nature so we might predict some behavior by placing gadgets modern technology allowed us to have and be more precise about the nature of certain things, specially those that come from nature, the invisible gigant always warning us that some changes might be key for our survival so it is best to take notes and understand that these changes might be fatal for ourselves. Do you ever wonder why do old people say that things were not like this back in the day, season were actually accurate and something followed an invisible rule tracing our time-path that would lead us to where we are now.

It has been years since cientifics warned us about the effects our own actions have on the planet, sometimes our carelessness can lead us into a blind abyss that we might not be ready to face, we have technology and that has been our defence ever since we started to notice how much of a damage our way through this earth has impacted it.

We must be careful about our way of living, sometimes it is the little details that can help and change everything, we must be aware of our ways and how much we might be damaging what we have for free only to gain profit, to seek power and earn a lot of money, our nature is such destructive, toxic even but it is also in our nature to be naive and think we are something bigger than we really are, it is a paradox for both sides that which can fix the world, only that nowadays we have accepted our fate and we no longer argue with it, we either are trying to change it and adapting to it or we decide to take a stubborn stand and put aside what we know it is best.

Modern day has brought us many solutions for our lives, we can work from the internet, we can order food, go grocery shopping, even go shoe and furniture shopping yet we know deep down that there is nothing like physical touch, you might love that chair but what if the textile is really hard and not pleasing to ourselves, we can find many things from the internet, now we can even have a degree straight from an online university, which adds to our love for technology, it makes life easier so why not love it, and each day we ask this to ourselves maybe in small seconds of our daily lives but either way we still rely on technology like it is our second home.

In the aftermath of a tragedy we rely on non-profit organizations, those ong that are at the human being’s service, not even asking for anything in return, just by helping and making a tragedy so big a little bit easy to carry for the victims, they are vital for the rehabilitation and re-construction of a nature stricken place. We rely on these ONG for our lives and play a key role in a community, you might never see them and you might even ignore them when they are asking for aid but they know that if they see you as a victim of a natural disaster they will not hesitate to help you.

It is why their survival is vital for our society, they might even help you tomorrow day, you might never know and that is why it is important to bring to light these organizations that might help a great amount of humans and might save several lives, we are so sure they can help us that the entire community they are part of relies on their active involvement after a natural disaster, their ongoing support and service is key for a community to thrive after a tragedy.

A good management on a non-profit organization is key to its survival, the head must coordinate people, make them work effectively and precisely, manage volunteers who might know nothing about the situation or how to help but it is a duty for the head of project to efficiently give them tasks they can complete and help the ONG, they have great responsibilities, including that of a treasurer for they might have to take a decision about the donations and the way they will be handled, they are also very busy and never permit any slacking on their team, they might also be vital key members on the government and know how to handle themselves in a government situation of in front of members of the government.