Together we solve problems that no organization can solve alone.

Capital Area Foreclosure Network

The Capital Area Foreclosure Network (CAFN) supports and brings together organizations that help homeowners at risk of foreclosure. 

Our goal is to build on and enhance the work of nonprofit organizations, local governments and national partners that are addressing the ongoing foreclosure crisis. Through these organizations, homeowners, and renters, can gain access to the knowledge and information they need to address their personal foreclosure crisis. CAFN facilitates cooperation among housing counseling agencies, nonprofit organizations and government agencies so each can share best practices, form partnerships and expand outreach services to homeowners in distress.


  • Provides comprehensive support to front-line organizations and local coalitions working with homeowners, or renters, facing foreclosure;
  • Conducts regional marketing and outreach campaigns urging at risk homeowners to get help and warning them to avoid costly foreclosure rescue scams; and
  • Researches and analyzes regional foreclosure data and trends to better target resources and identify service delivery gaps.

We are action oriented and high energy to help homeowners. Our acronym -- “CAFN” -- is pronounced caffeine! Click here if you would like to join CAFN or learn more about our work.